The people's views: Making Common Ground Discussions

The people's views: Making Common Ground Discussions

Catherine Neilan

06:25 29th January 2021

Today on Making Common Ground, we are doing something a bit different - something which goes to the heart of what the project, funded by the Alfred Landecker Foundation, is all about.

Instead of the usual format we speak with a group of people from around the country about the big topics of the week: lockdown, the UK's death toll, face masks and compliance, as well as the ongoing vaccines row.

They are a disparate group, representing a range of political views whether it be Brexit or Black Lives Matter.

But there were some areas of agreement. Perhaps most interestingly, Dominic Cummings' infamous trip to Barnard Castle still continues to strike a chord, even eight months after the rose garden press conference.

Listen to the latest episode below.

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